The Yield

Managing an Impactful Portfolio with Richard Excell

Episode Notes

Following what could be considered the worst January of the financial market since 2009, many investors are battling loss aversion and other investments biases.  To help break down the biggest mistakes that investors tend to make following a hard season, as well as what they should be doing instead, in this episode of The Yield, Peter Kerr, CFA, sits down with Richard Excell, instructor of finance at the University of Illinois Gies College of Business.  Together they take a look at where investors might want to consider taking an appropriate level of risk in today's markets. 

Key Takeaways:

[1:50] Richard’s background and approach to thinking about investment markets. 

[5:26] Loss aversion and other investment biases.

[7:45] The importance of discipline in any approach to investments. 

[9:50] Insights into the current market and appropriate reactions. 

[14:17] The major catalysts that change investor flows. 

[18:02] Potential drivers and size of impending inflation.

[23:28] Projections for the 2022 equity story. 

[28:18] Key catalysts for future equity market growth. 

[31:50] The Fed's position on balancing all inflation factors. 

[36:56] Possibilities that might come this year. 

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